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Quick Scene Design

Back to the Beginning

Revelation and Flashback

Emotion is Physical

POV: A Historical Perspective

Emotion without Sentiment

Theme Thoughts

Establishing the Ordinary World

Making Scenes Matter

Ten Tips to a Powerful Proposal

Bad Guys Need Love Too

Getting to Know You: Questions for Your Viewpoint Character

Subtext: The Fourth Dimension

Commas: The Traffic Cops of Meaning

Dialogue as Action and Interaction

Turbo-tightening Checklist

Who Cares? Character Values and Conflict

Narrowing in on Point of View

Being, Doing, Becoming: The Heroic Flaw

Sympathy Without Saintliness

Changes and Choices: External Action and Internal Reaction

Buttinskis: Mentors, Meddlers, and Matchmakers

Starting Small and Building a Plot

The Price of Love


External Conflict Worksheet

Top Ten Power Busters

The Internal Journey

The Three Acts: Major Turning Points

Synopsis Creation: Plot Revision

Paradox in Balance

Character-Plot Coherence

Romantic Turning Points

Individualizing Viewpoint



A Quick Motivation Exercise

Dazzling Dialogue Tips

The Submission Journey

Suspense Is More Than Surprise

Scenes on Fire!

Beginnings, Middles, and Ends: The Purposes

Thirteen Prime Principles of Plot

 Character Motivation

 On the Brink: Turbocharge Your Opening

Tightening the Sagging Middle

Sharks in the Water: Old Scams for the New Millennium

The Publishing Journey

Lest Ye Be Judged: Contest Judging for Writers

Setting and Character Interactions

Developing the Dark Moment

The Promise of the Hot Premise

Outline Your Novel in Thirty Minutes

Subtle and Sensual

Plotting Without Fears

Structuring the Story

End Thoughts

Details, Details

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