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The Year She Fell, by Alicia Rasley
Bell Bridge Books, November 2010

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    updated 4/17/11

    Charity Begins at Home: RITA finalist Regency Novel


    Regency Escapades: Rakish heroes, reckless heroines, and elegant stories.



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    May STARguides Class: Openings-- Starting Your Story Right

    If the editors or agents aren't intrigued by your opening paragraph and page, they might not read any further! That's one of the hardest truths about submitting fiction. If you're close to submitting your proposal, here's your chance to get feedback and revise.

    In this interactive workshop, we'll work on crafting impressive openings that capture the attention while setting up the story conflict and previewing your unique voice.

    We'll discuss:
    *Where to start the book
    *Where to start the scene
    *How to set up the story question
    *How to introduce the characters
    *How to showcase your voice on the first page
    *The all-important first paragraph-- keeping it simple, yet profound

    Alicia Rasley blogged the long-running "opening paragraph critique" for the Edittorrent blog, and will help you create a coherent and intriguing opening for your current story.

    Workshop begins: May 1
    Workshop ends: May 14
    Cost US$50
    This interactive course will be conducted over an email loop.

    If you have questions about this workshop, please email edittorrent at


    My new novel, The Year She Fell, is available now from Bell Bridge Books.

    Buy the book from Bell Bridge Books.

                  Buy the book from Amazon.

    Another fiction editor, Theresa Stevens, and I have a blog about editing-- just whatever we think about as we edited novels and novellas.  Recent posts have been about:

    Sentence tension

    Opening scenes

    Mean editors

    Deep POV

    Slushpile gems

    Structure primer

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    This  manual was released by Writer's Digest Books in March 2008.  It explores the complex but essential subject of character Point of View in an interactive and non-judgmental fashion.  It's for you if you want more than just "first-person/third person", and if you're tired of 
    rules and ready to make your own decisions about POV in your own story.

    You're welcome to browse through some of my articles, or submit a "question of the month" about some writing issue or a problem you're having with your own writing. 

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    Fix Your Plot!

    My long-awaited (at least by me) plotting guide is available now. The Story Within Guidebook is an interactive guidebook that leads you into exploration of your own characters and plot. This is a plot book for the rest of us, the ones who aren't quite linear in our thinking. Check out the excerpt-- you can order from  that page too. 

    And my Writer's Digest book on Point of View:   

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