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Who Cares? Character Values and Conflict

Who Cares? Character Values and Conflict        Who cares?  Well, our characters do. These sometimes larger-than-life types care passionately about people and places and objects and concepts and experiences.  If you can figure out what your characters care about, you can use these values to discover more about them, to…

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13 Prime Principles of Plot

Plausible plotting starts with cause and effect. Make sure each step in your plot has a causative event, and one of more effects. Character actions should be caused by some motivation, and should have some effect on the plot.Your protagonist should save the day (or destroy it).  Protagonist is the “first actor”, the character most […]

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8 Dazzling Dialogue Tips (FREE)

Here are a few quick tips for creating dazzling dialogue.

#1 Keep it short

Three to four lines between ” “, then insert an action, change speakers, switch to a quick thought. This creates more white space, suggests more movement, forces you to be cogent and quick.

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