The Fab Four Synopsis-Creation Method

I’m doing a synopsis-brainstorming session this week with my plotting students (If you’d like access to such fun sessions, join the Plot Blueprint Course! http://bit.ly/plotblueprint).  They might be disappointed not to end up with a complete 10-page synopsis (in 2 hours? :), but this isn’t about writing the synopsis but…

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Invitation: NaNo challenge support group? Anyone interested?

  Anyone plunging into NaNoWrimo next month? That’s “National Novel Writing Month”- the international challenge to write the first draft of a book or story in November. I’m going to do something kind of impulsive, and I’m inviting you to join in.  Better yet, it’s free and comes with a reward worth…

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Who Cares? Character Values and Conflict

Who Cares? Character Values and Conflict        Who cares?  Well, our characters do. These sometimes larger-than-life types care passionately about people and places and objects and concepts and experiences.  If you can figure out what your characters care about, you can use these values to discover more about them, to…

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SmartBlogger post about Stephen King on writing

I think Stephen King is the Dickens of our age! That is, his ability to create powerful stories with universal themes makes him someone whose stories will last long past our time. And he’s a writer’s writer– he is obsessed with the process of writing and the power of story,…

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Just for fun… Ratafia, the Regency-Era cocktail.

 Introducing Ratafia, the Regency lady’s indulgence. Those of us who read and write Regency-set historical novels (set in the early 19th Century Britain) are often presented with food riddles. What is jugged hare? And how about scotch collops? Not to mention spotted dick! We also notice that the Regency era…

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4 Myths about Writing after 50

1. Myth: It’s too late. No, it’s not. It might have been too late if you had to be starting at Level 0, but you’re not. You’re starting with distinct advantages. You have had a lifetime of experiencing story, from your childhood reading to your teen years watching TV shows and your obsession with film. You’ve […]

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