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So you might be wondering… do I practice what I preach?
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It’s a decade after Napoleon’s defeat, but the war still haunts even the victors. Linked by family and by grief, divided by social class, Russian émigré Natasha and ship’s doctor Matthew have lived for years in mutual distrust. But when she’s suspected of killing a man from her past, she reaches out to Sir Matthew for help. It takes both his medical training and her intuition to solve the mystery of the murder at the Brighton Inn—and the secret of her own troubled past.

It is 1811, and the Prince has just become Regent, and Wellington has just retaken Portugal, and Napoleon has just started his secret plans to invade Russia. And Tatiana, the long-forgotten princess in the Winter Palace, becomes the unwilling pawn to further all their aims. Read a free preview!

(This is the “prequel” to Poetic Justice.)

A renegade rare-books dealer and a heiress-in-waiting must embark on a sham betrothal for the loftiest of literary aims– to prove that Shakespeare really was… Shakespeare.
John Dryden is on the trail of the greatest acquisition of his checkered career– a play manuscript written in Shakespeare’s own hand. Between him and his prize is an obsessed librarian who wants to destroy it… and the heiress who can lead him to it, but only if he’s willing to risk his life, his freedom, and his loner’s heart.
(This is the sequel to Royal Renegade.)

Is there such a thing as Platonic friendship? The rakish Earl of Tressilian and virtuous Lady Killeaven are determined to prove it’s true—a man and a woman can truly be just friends. In decadent Regency London, of course, their friendship proves more scandalous than any flaming affair.
And Tressilian, after years of “just friends,” is starting to wonder if that is, indeed, all he wants to be. So this Royal Navy hero embarks on a campaign as dangerous and complex as any battle at sea, to win the heart and hand of the one woman who knows him too well to be seduced.

The warrior returns… but he never really comes home. Allegra has longed for the return of her soldier husband. But when the war ends, he is more distant than ever. After months of trying to reach him, she leaves to chaperone her husband-hunting younger sister at a duchess’s house party. Only then does Nicholas know that to win her, he must leave the war behind and truly come home to her for good.

Competent, compassionate, cautious Charity, The mainstay of her Kentish village. Charity would make the perfect wife. Everyone says so, including the men who propose marriage to her. But Charity wants to be more than the perfect wife. She wants to be beloved.

And when she meets the passionate half-Italian artist Tristan Hale, she thinks she’s found the man who can transform her life into one of brilliance and excitement. But then she finds out that all he wants is what every man wants, that competent Charity, the perfect wife.

Against the backdrop of a village fete, Tristan must prove to her that he desires her as much as he esteems her, and to win her, he first has to defeat an evil playwright, paint a voracious whale, and seduce her by the midsummer moon.

A Valentine novella. Widow Madeleine Gray keeps up the family legacy of poetry by penning love poems for the love-starved sailors in 1811 Portsmouth. But she is no romantic herself– she will never love again.

Then Payton Wilder requests a customized Valentine poem for the girl of his dreams… and Maddy realizes that she has dreams of her own for the dashing captain!

My friend Lynn Kerstan and I wrote Gwen’s Ghost together, and won a joint RITA award for Best Regency!

Eternity is a bloody bore for Valerian Caine. A swashbuckling, amoral 18th Century rake, he was cut down in a duel at age 27 by a ricocheting bullet fired by a cuckolded husband. Now stewing resentfully in a bureaucratic afterlife, he leaps at the chance to regain his human form and return to his previous existence. But there’s a catch. He’ll be transported to the England of a hundred years later, where he’ll have one month to end the family feud launched by that fatal duel and ensure the happiness of the Caine and Sevaric descendants. If he succeeds, he’ll be transported back to his former life and the bullet will miss him. But standing between him and his goal is the obstinately unhappy and acerbic Gwen Sevaric–and his surprising desire to be forever the one who makes her smile.

This is an anthology with my story “Home for Christmas,” a Christmas Regency with a bit of intrigue. When Verity receives an unexpected invitation from her estranged father to spend the holidays at his Cornwall estate, she accepts with delight. But, ever mindful of her father’s attention to propriety, she must scramble to find a husband and “father” for her fatherless child. Could a handsome and enigmatic stranger solve all her problems?

This is a mystery novel, in the well-known “divorce-revenge” sub-genre.
Accident? Suicide? Or Murder?
Searching for the answer may just get her killed.
The last thing Meg O’Brian wants is further contact with her ex-husband, Don, and his young trophy wife. She’s ready to move on, to start a new life, maybe with a new man who knows nothing about her past failure at love. But now Don is dead, possibly murdered, putting their 15-year-old son’s financial legacy and emotional security at risk for the second time in the year since the divorce.

Meg must investigate Don’s tangled business affairs and turn up the heat on his tawdry widow. Unfortunately, the only one who can help her discover the truth is the man who destroyed all her illusions two years ago-her cynical, burnt-out-on-matrimony marriage counselor, Mike Warren, the guy who knows her history all too well and won’t hesitate to use it against her.

A #1 Kindle bestseller! The tragic mystery at the heart of their family has finally surfaced . . . When Ellen Wakefield O’Connor is confronted by a young man armed with a birth certificate that mistakenly names her as his mother, she quickly sorts out the truth: his birth mother listed Ellen on the certificate to cover up her own identity, but also because Ellen is, in a way, related to the child. The birth father is Ellen’s troubled husband, Tom. The secrets of the past soon engulf Ellen, Tom, and everyone they love.

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