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Hi, I’m Alicia!

You’re here because you have a story idea. You’re already writing, and you want to do it well.

Here’s a booklet of advice from writers who have been there/done that.  (I even have my own bit of advice, on something arcane, of course– option clauses in publishing contracts. Most of the advice is more interesting, but that option clause thing really is what I wish I’d known.)

If you’re intrigued, I have other articles, books, and classes coming up. I’ll keep you informed! So watch for other freebies coming your way! And I’ll always be putting new articles and blog posts on my website: I’ll also put up notices of courses and workshops I’ll be teaching.

But you’re also here to download the free book! Here you go! Click to download If I Knew Then What I Know Now.

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About Alicia’s coaching and teaching:

I just completed reading your book, The Power Of Point of View. Thank you for writing this book, and for so eloquently describing the process. Your explanations and examples are both thorough and easy to follow. I’ve read many books on writing and I must confess, yours was the most informative and helpful resource of all. I’m writing a sci-fi novel where the story is set on two different worlds, and I had difficulty with POV, until I read your book. You’ve been a tremendous help to me and I just wanted to say “thank you.”
Ed Gomez

This is the best course I’ve ever taken, on-line or in a classroom! I’ve been telling others about it and they want to take it.  Patricia Bradley

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