All my free writing booklets– downloads here.

Hi, all! I have several free writing booklets, and I want to make sure that  you have access to them if you want any or all of them!

Do you want any of these? I’ll add the direct link to the download page just in case the live link doesn’t work.

This is just a 1-page list of resources for writers and independent publishers.

Backstory Blunders.

13 Plot Principles.

5 Bad Habits of Good Writers.

If I Knew Then…

Outline Your Plot in 60 Minutes.

Let me know if you’re interested in a plot/character topic, and I’ll try to write something up!
Also, I’m just finishing up a 5-day Creating Character Sympathy course, and I’ll send that out next month.

Happy writing, everyone! Please feel free to share this with writing buddies or groups, and let them know there are lots of writing articles at


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