Invitation: NaNo challenge support group? Anyone interested?


Anyone plunging into NaNoWrimo next month? That’s “National Novel Writing Month”- the international challenge to write the first draft of a book or story in November.

I’m going to do something kind of impulsive, and I’m inviting you to join in.  Better yet, it’s free and comes with a reward worth $750 at the end.

I’m just going to admit it– I’m crazy enough to do National Novel Writing Month –-NANOWRIMO–this year (starts November 1st, and I’m pledging to write 50,000 words in a month, no kidding).

And if you’re as crazy as I am, and you’re going to plunge into NaNo too… I want to offer you a bonus.

If you join my private group of NaNo encouragement and accountability (where daily progress is celebrated and you get to set your own goals– doesn’t have to be the massive 50,000 word goal– smaller is okay too)…

1) I’ll share my own writing journey with you, and you can share yours too.
2) You’ll have a place to be accountable and encourage each other.

And if you last the month (regardless of how many words you wrote, as long as you’ve kept writing and supporting the group)….

3)  I’m going to invite you to a private 90-minute Group Consultation called (one of goals is to create better titles <G>) “How to Take this Pile of Steaming Raw NaNo Gold and Turn It Into a Real Live Novel.”

[This is one of the most common reasons writers hire me for my private VIP coaching.  I usually charge quite a bit for this type of guidance, but it’s YOURS, free, as a gift to celebrate that thing we all do: turn blank pages into great stories.]

As bestseller Nora Roberts says, “I can fix a bad page. I can’t fix a blank page.”

If you’ve tried a massive project like this before, you know that there actually is a lot of “fixing” that has to be done when you write a novel in such a short period of time.

So, to recap:
* Identify a project you’ll write on (mine is “third Regency mystery”).

* Set a heroic goal for yourself (doesn’t have to be 50,000, but that’s the goal I’m setting).

Sign up for Nanowrimo.

* Join my private Story Accelerators Facebook group.

* Participate (I’ll send the rules tomorrow, so watch your email).

* At the end of the month, join an invaluable, 90-minute group coaching session to overcome the biggest obstacle people face after Nanowrimo…. “Now what?!”

More tomorrow,

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