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Are you interested in exploring your story? You can hire me as a coach! My usual rate is $500 an hour.

What does a writing coach do? Well, pretty much whatever you need. From my perspective, I think of a coach as the one who helps you understand your story and characters, and turn this into a plot– that is, an expert plot-brainstormer and character-wrangler. That’s most useful when you’re just getting started with a story and want to figure it out ahead of time, or when you wrote a first draft and now want to reorganize it.

But if you’ve finished a book and aren’t satisfied, my coaching can help you determine what’s wrong and how to fix those issues. I can work with a manuscript, or a synopsis, or a mess. :)

Testimonials from clients and students.

I do coaching in a low-key and affirmative way, focusing on solutions rather than just problems. I am a firm believer that we do our best thinking and creating when we feel free to experiment without criticism or shame. That’s the helpful and warm environment I’ll provide in our coaching sessions. (Don’t come to me for tough love. I can be tough, but in a generous way. :)

For plotting help, I work best with a synopsis, character sketch, or plot outline, not the entire manuscript. Because I charge $500 for each hour of preparation (that is, reading and annotating your work), and the same for an hour consultation session, the most cost-effective mode is probably a phone or online (Zoom) consult.

I can also work with you on your voice and prose. (This is a separate sort of coaching/editing from the content/story help, but of course the two can work together, so that your voice amplifies and refines your scenes and character development.)

This is immersive and intuitive work, but with an experienced and insightful coach/teacher (like, say, me), you can learn so much from the process, you’ll feel more confident with future stories too.

Contact me if you are interested: arasley@umuc.edu

Do you need an editor? What kind? Some thoughts here: 

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