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Plotting or Revising a Story? Join my Powerful Pacing Class for June! It’s all done in email, and you’ll get lessons and exercises, and feedback from me on your (optional) exercise posts.

PACING = Events + Urgency

Powerful Pacing
With Alicia Rasley
June 1-29

Interactive Easy-Email Class with Personal Feedback From Alicia on Your Story’s Pacing (how to make events happen in a dramatic and exciting way)
Just  $75 For The Four-Week Course

An Interactive Email Class For Story Writers
with Alicia Rasley

Make your plot events move in the most dramatic and dynamic way.

Just $75 for four weeks of instruction and interaction.

(You don’t need a Paypal account. On the log-in page, just scroll down to Pay with Debit or Credit Card.)That’s it! Just sign up and pay through Paypal, and I’ll enroll you in a private group.
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Don’t wait– admission is limited to 20 students.This email course is easy in format and intense in interactivity. We’ll work through useful lessons in everything from sequencing your events for drama and powering up your sentences. The focus is on practical and profound strategies and tactics to enhancing the excitement and depth of your story.

You will get personal and positive feedback on every assignment you do! And you’ll have plenty of opportunities to ask Alicia questions about plotting and pacing.

(You don’t need a Paypal account. On the log-in page, just scroll down to Pay with Debit or Credit Card.)

Powerful Pacing Workshop Lessons  and Exercises

Intensifying Your Pacing

  1. BIG PICTURE PACING- What is pacing?
  2. What level of pacing is right for your story? (Exercise)
  3. Plot purpose of pacing
  4. Pacing chains
  5. Events for pacing, and intro to the three-act structure (Exercise)
  6. Cause-and-Effect Pacing (Exercise)
  7. Beginnings, Middles, and Ends (Exercise)
  8. Final thoughts about the Big Picture (story-length structure)
  9. Opening and Closing the External Story Question (Exercise)
  10. Starting on Scenes and Pacing: One more time: Conflict= Goal + deadline +internal issue
  11. Showing things concretely in the opening (Exercise)
  12. Theme as Pacing-creation (Exercise)
  13. Show AND tell and theme
  14. Magic Rule of Three for the whole plot (Exercise)
  15. Moving on from “macro” to “mid-level” with unity
  16. Using motifs to “pull” the reader and pace the plot (Exercise)
  17. Pacing: Intro  to  scene pacing
  18. Structuring plot turning points for pacing
  19. Zooming in on scenes (Exercise)
  20. Stacking events in scenes
  21. Opening scenes with a question/goal
  22. The magic rule of 3 in scenes (Exercise)
  23. Scene endings that make the reader keep reading
  24. Scene central event for pacing prominence (Exercise)
  25. Within the scene with beats — doing a scene pacing analysis (Exercise)
  26. Slowing things down: Moments of Grace
  27. Inside scenes: Prose, presentation, paragraphs, and pacing
  28.  Pacing for paragraphs (Exercise)
  29.  Pacing for sentences
  30. Don’t waste space and lose focus in sentences
  31. Make sentences bristle for better pacing
  32. Final Exercise on Power Pacing

All this and individual feedback for just $75!

June 1- June 29

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