The Power of Point of View

The No-Rules Guide to Character Viewpoint

    If you've been writing a while, you've probably heard all the rules.  Don't switch point of view. Or switch only after you leave a few blank lines.  Or switch whenever you like, as long as it's a weekday.

    The problem is, such rules tell you almost nothing about using the writing element of Point of View to develop your characters and individualize your narrative.  Rules are about confining your writing-- this book is about liberating you to discover your characters' unique perspectives and to experiment to find the best narrative for your story.

    The Power of Point of View presents POV as an interaction of the writer, character-- and reader.  POV is, in fact, the reader's vehicle through the story, and the writer can experiment to make that a more entertaining ride.  So if you've been thinking there's got to be more to POV than first-person/third-person, single and multiple, this is the book for you.  A conversational format guides you through the purpose, history, types, and levels of POV, with exercises help you develop POV in your own story.

The Power of Point of View: Make Your Story Come to Life, by Alicia Rasley
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No rules, just tools.