Emotion Class in depth

Here’s a short outline of what we will discuss in the Emotion Without Purple Prose workshop.
I. Introduction — Why is it hard for the readers to experience emotion?
Secret: We need to stop telling them what the character feels and make readers feel it for themselves.
II. Writer’s Tools
        A. Plot Structure: How can we writers use structure to increase emotion?
                1. The Three Acts and Character Journey
                2. The Power of Theme
        B. Scene Design: How can we design scenes for greater emotional power?
                1. The Magic Rule of Three
                2. The Glue of Motif
        C. Description: How can we infuse our setting description with emotion?
                1. Concrete Detail
                2. Filtering through Character
        D. Emotion Is Physical: How can we help reader experience emotion through physical narration?
                1. Body Language
                2. Tight POV
III. Conclusion: “Show, don’t tell,” is all-important in writing emotion. However, most important is to focus on creating the reader experience rather than just the character’s– “If the character cries, the reader doesn’t have to.”
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