What You Can Expect from Alicia’s Workshops and Courses

What a Workshop Is Like:

Using multimedia, well-known examples, and interaction with the attendees, Alicia guides writers through the process of creating, discovering, deepening, and revising story. This is a lively and individualized experience, where questions and examples from the attendees are welcomed.

What You Will Get from Alicia:

  • Expectations and experience from a master teacher and best-selling writer.
  • Expert and open instruction.
  • Individualized interaction if desired.
  • Exercises designed to apply the techniques to your own story.
  • Extensive handouts with additional wisdom.
  • Guidance in connecting your story elements, such as character to plot, pacing to scene design.
  • Inspired brainstorming.
  • Help determining your theme and voice.

What You’ll Be Able to Do by the End of the Workshops:

  • Map the character journey through the story.
  • Craft an emotional arc over the plot.
  • Start the story at a moment of change.
  • Determine the most satisfying ending.
  • Identify your plot turning points.
  • Design scenes for maximum drama.
  • Define and develop your theme or message.
  • Enhance thematic elements like motifs and patterns.
  • Select the point of view and narrative voice best for your story.
  • Know your characters deeply and explore their inner lives and needs.
  • Get readers to sympathize or identify with your characters, even the bad guys.

What Others Say:

Whenever I’m stuck, I turn to Alicia Rasley’s website. If the plot isn’t going anywhere, if the character isn’t behaving correctly, if I know something’s missing, if I just need a kick to get myself going, Alicia has help on her website. She’s been helping me write and become a better writer for twenty years. I’ve gone to several of her workshops, have many of her pamphlets, have spent hours on the website and MAY not have published without her. I highly recommend her. Jane Myers Perrine, Rita-nominated writer of the Butternut Creek series. 

I’m reading and highlighting each lesson, and making notes on how I can use what I’m learning to improve my WIP. Just wanted to take a moment to tell you this is a fantastic class, enormously helpful. Gin Mackey.

I have learned more from Alicia Rasley than from any other writer–which is saying a lot! Her absolute and complete grasp of all the elements of the craft, combined with her engaging teaching style, fascinating examples and quick witted humour make every moment spent in one of her classes a solid career investment and a good time, too! Candice Vetter – freelance writer

My head hurts. I think I’ll go walk in the woods for a while. Unfortunately, that’s also a good place for thinking. Thanks – this course has forced me to do some thinking too, which is what I wanted before I resumed writing this novel.  Michael Chandos

Alicia is not only a wonderful writer, she’s also a brilliant writing teacher and writing coach whose workshops are fascinating, fun, and very informative. Dr. Dani Weber, Writing Professor, State University of New York- Sullivan

Thanks for giving me the insight and vision to make the task easier. You’re right, with some simple tweaking of the setting, the dialogue, or body language, you can change the entire feel of a scene. I’ll be putting your lessons to use from here on out. Thanks so much! Rebekah Aidukaitis

I appreciate that you took the time to go through concepts.  Your responses were specific to my questions and the issues I was experiencing.  I’m one step closer to my dream because of you. Margarita Matos

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