What’s a writer’s retreat? Fun, inspiration, and insight! Join Alicia!

What’s a writer’s retreat? A time and place where you get to be “just a writer”– not a worker, not a parent, just a creative and imaginative writer, and in the company of other writers! Imagine that, and also geting insight and camaraderie with other writers, and the affirmative, expert teacher, Alicia Rasley.

 Whether it’s a weekend or a week, you can expect daily writing workshops with master writing coach Alicia Rasley.

Sample topics could include:

Busting writer’s block with innovative muse-sparking exercises.

Structuring your story for maximum drama and power

Sending a message: Using theme and motif to inspire and instruct

Finding and refining your own vivid voice

Building bolder scenes

(And if you want me to teach about something else, just ask!)

Additionally, there could be guided free-writing, brainstorming, and/or revision sessions. We can try fun activities like film critiques, voice training, and top-ten listings!

And every retreat could include: What no one else will tell you: Insider info from a veteran writer/editor/publisher

Your own individual consultation with Alicia — your questions answered!


More information: arasley@umuc.edu


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